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Poker belongs to a family of card games that function by comparing cards in which the players gamble on who has the best hand per the rules of that particular game. It is a fairly popular game worldwide. Each place has a set of customized rules, although a few set rules are common. It begins with each player betting an amount of money depending on how valuable they deem their hand compared to others. Then, going clockwise, each player can match the bet and stake an equal amount or fold. If one folds, one loses any chance of winning, while one might match the stake and raise the bets if they want. At the end of the round, if there is more than one person who has not folded, they proceed to a “showdown” where everyone shows their hands, and the one with the most valuable cards wins.



The number of cards in a deck depends on the variant and can range from 30 to 52. The set of 52 is the most common. The 52 cards are the most common.

Straight is the most traditional variant of poker. The players finish betting only in one round. The players are usually handed five cards and can raise the stakes multiple times. It rose to popularity during the American Revolution and is still somewhat popular, although it allows for minute manoeuvring and strategies.

Draw poker is another divergent where each player is handed a set of five cards, each face down, and each player must place a bet based on the hand they received. In the next round, they can discard up to three cards and exchange them for cards on top of the deck. They then again have to place bets based on the new hand. At the final stage, they have a showdown, and the one with the best hand wins. In this form, all the players’ cards are hidden until the end of the game.

Contrary to the previous kind of stud poker, some cards of the payers are exposed while some are not. They have to alternate face-up and face-down cards with a round of betting in between.

Community poker is another major variant where the players are only dealt with a few cards as face-down cards, then cards are placed face up at the center of the table, and all the players can take cards to complete their hand.

In informal games, each successive dealer decides the variant that would be played.